The UMTR is blessed with many wonderful sponsors and we greatly appreciate each and everyone of them !

I am proud to announce that Miller Welders is on board for the 2015 season.

Miller Welders has agreed to award the champions of Quick Stick, both North and South a Miller Matic 190 Mig welder at the championship banquet.

Please check out Miller welders at Millerwelds.com


I am ready to place an order for VP race fuel.

Anyone that would like to support one of our sponsors and get a good price on high quality fuel, now is the time to place your order.

For our north racers, I will be able to bring all fuel orders to the June 6th. race at National Trails, Columbus.

For our South racers, the fuel can be picked up at Heyob Energy in Harrison OH. before our first race.


PLEASE support all our sponsors whenever you can !!!


This year we have implemented a ONE CALL messaging program. If you provide the UMTR south with a cell phone number or your email address we will be able to let you know any current news with ONE CALL,

Email umtrsouth@yahoo.com with your info to be added to this list.








The 2015 schedule is up !!!



The results from Oct.4th. Edgewater Sports Park

Q/S Winner Alan Flora R/U Rick Hornback

Semi's John Hoebbel, Steve Schmitt

S/S Winner Jack Detzel R/U Joe De Puccio

Semi's Tom Borgia



The results for Sept. 20th. I 64 Motorplex

Q/S Winner Dave Stehlin R/U Doyle Hair

Semi"s Rick Hornback,Charlie Browning

S/S Winner Thomas Borgia R/U Dan Caudell

Semi's Jay Potts, Angelo Taylor



The results for 12th Annual Stick Shift Nationals  held on September 6th at Edgewater Sports Park, Cleves, Ohio.

Q/S Winner Alan Flora R/U Chuck Martin

Semis, Elmer Harrison, Dave Stehlin

QT's Dick Miller,Rick Hornback, Josh Rose

S/S Winner Tom Borgia R/U Rich Bowling

Semis Doug Napier

QT's Jay Potts, Dennis Hamilton



The UMTR would like to thank Quick Fuel Technologies for awarding

Steve Schmitt a carburetor of his choice at this years Beech Bend race.

And Jay Grieshop at Heyob Energy and VP Racing Fuels for sponsoring the Stick Shift

Nationals , THANK YOU !!!!!






Race results from Aug. 9th. Edgewater Sports Park

Q/S Winner Alan Flora R/U Steve Schmitt

Semi's Dustin Miller, John Hoebbel

S/S Winner Jake Prewitt R/U Jack Detzel

Semi's Shannon Meyers


Race results from July 12th. Edgewater Sports Park

Q/S Winner John Hoebbel R/U Steve Schmitt

Semi's Dustin Miller, Dave Stehlin

S/S Winner Jack Detzel R/U Mike Brewer

Semi's Robert Hoebbel


Race results from June 21st. Kil-Kare Raceway

Q/S Winner Tug Brock R/U Alan Flora

Semi's John Hoebbel, Jay Tietz

S/S Winner Jeff Brown R/U Jay Potts

Semi's Tony Mcfall, Ryan Butler



Race results from June 14th. Edgewater Sports Park

Q/S Winner, Don Tully R/U Randall Pettit

Semi's Bob Miefert

S/S Winner, Tom Borgia R/U Robert Hoebbel

Semi,s Shannon Meyers




Race results from May 31st. Lyons Raceway Park

Q/S Winner Doyle Hair, R/U Dick Miller

Semi's Rick Hornback

S/S Winner, Randy Franklin, R/U Steve Wright

Semi's Kelley Murphy



Race results May 17th. Edgewater Sports Park.

Q/S Winner, Rick Hornback R/U Ron Sexton

Semi's, Bret Wright, Tony King

S/S Winner, Shannon Meyers R/U Patrick Bowling

Semi's Tom Borgia







New for 2014; Membership is now $50.00


Courtesy staging will NO longer be suggested !


We will pay out to the quarter finalist (final 8 cars in both classes) for both the

Stick Shift Summer Nationals and the Stick Shift Nationals.

All other races we will pay out to the Winner, Runner Up, and Semi's


2014 Schedule

May 17th. Edgewater Sports Park, Cleves ,OH.

May 31st. Lyons Raceway Park, Lyons, IN.

June 14th. Edgewater Sports Park Cleves, OH.

June 21st. Kil-Kare Raceway, Xenia, OH.

July 12th. Edgewater Sports Park Cleves, OH.

July 19th. Beech Bend Dragway, Bowling Green , KY.

July 27th. Stick Shift Summer Nationals, National Trail, Hebron,OH.

Aug. 9th. Edgewater Sports Park, Cleves, OH.

Aug. 16th. Mountain Park Dragway, Clay City, KY.

Sept. 6th Stick Shift Nationals, Edgewater Sports Park, Cleves, OH.

Sept. 13-14 Maryland Int. Raceway, Mechanicsville, MD ( Non-Points Race )

Sept. 20th. I 64 Motorplex, Owingsville, KY.

Oct. 4th. Kil-Kare Raceway, Xenia, OH.










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